Vol. I

by Detenzione

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Recorded 4/17/17 in the basement of Ground Zero, Milwaukee, WI

Live photo credit: Tony Schwader


released April 25, 2017

Amelinda Burich - Bass
Eric Apnea - Drums
Eric Mayer - Guitar
Dan Agacki - Vocals



all rights reserved


Detenzione Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Built To Break
We buy the same damn things
every couple of years
Throw the crap in the corner
with the things we used to love

And now we're drowning – In a sea of plastic

Built to break
re-buy, re-buy, re-buy

We break the same damn things
every couple of years
Throw them in the trash,
like Alamogordo in '83

And we stand in line
over and over again
Now we wait in line
over and over and over again
Track Name: Land Creatures
Steps outside
Patrolling the pavement
The lines go by
looking for something

You're just a piece of glass,
waiting to be smashed

She's looking for something
to get under her skin
The hook and the line
to reel you in

just another pale faced martyr
self-sacrificial lamb
got the world on their shoulders
carry the world on their back
Track Name: New American Dream
Are we living
in the time of fascism
Sit down, shut up
Swallow your pills
Follow only white lines

New American Dream
Sit back and lose
to the loudest voice

In the time of fascism
truth is out of style
Sit down, shut up
Swallow your pills
Follow only white lies

You can use your voice
You can be a target
Paint a target on your back
Track Name: Good Dude Backed Hard
What's it like to see
the world through your eyes
Clothed in softened words
Waiting to explain

Behind the mask
side we'll never see
Behind the wall
you hide your face

Bathing in a distance
Submerged in a fog
Classic misdirection
throwing off the trail

Deconstruct the wall
break the bricks
Reduced to rubble
You're left overexposed

Putting on your best face
shielding from the truth
There's scum behind the wall
and that's your game to play
Track Name: Cold Sweat
A step back to
days of old
Nightmare days
taking hold

Living in a cold sweat
waking in a panic

And you sit on your ass
an armchair analyst
just waiting for
someone to pull your weight
to save your soul
Track Name: Lurkers
Slow shuffle down the street
awake and dazing
Is this the beginning
or a continuation

What do you need to make it through

Bloodshot eyes stare
blank and bleakly
Can you make it through
through another day

Are you a worker or are you a lurker

And on another day
you'll be doing the same thing